“Samruk-Energy” JSC | Integrated annual report
Transmission and distribution of electricity

Innovative activity in the sphere of electricity transmission

Innovation technology, equipment and materials are used in power grids in the course of investment projects implementation

  • new generation power transformers characterized by lower electricity losses and equipped with devices preventing fire and explosions;
  • 110-220 kV SDS which considerably reduce the occupied surface, fire threat, and operational expenses
  • devices for relay protection, automatics and telemechanics are based on using modern micro processing equipment;
  • information management, collection, and processing system (SCADA) permitting to reduce the time for recording and eliminating emergencies, making prompt switches in electrical networks, which helps considerably reduce the cost for visits of emergency teams for connecting consumers;
  • automatic system for commercial power consumption accounting (ASCPCA);
  • 35-110-220 kV cable lines with insulation from cross-linked polyethylene characterized by high reliability, huge capacity, low losses, safety and low operational expenses;
  • self-supporting insulated wires (SSIW) at 0.4 kV HV line that enables reducing commercial losses and operational expenses;
  • 6-10 kV vacuum switches in order to improve fire safety and reduce operational expenses;
  • wires produced by using composite materials for 110 kV HV line to increase transmission capacity;

All together, these measures contribute to the stage-by-stage implementation of highly integrated, intellectual system forming and new generation distribution power grids (Smart Grid), the dynamic control of power grids and improvement of safety and cost saving.

Projects on reconstruction and modernization of infrastructure

Construction of 110/10 kV SS “Turksib”

For reliable and uninterrupted power supply to the growing loads in the northern part of Almaty, a project on construction of a 110/10 kV “Turksib” substation with a transformer capacity of 80 MVA is implemented.

“Development of power networks in Karasai district with construction of 110 / 10kV Substation “Shamalgan” (Ushkonyr) and 110 / 10kV SS “Shamalgan Station” with transfer of loads from nearby 35 / 10kV substations”

The project assumes an increase in the reliability of power supply to consumers in Karasai and Zhambyl districts of the Almaty region, as well as a reduction in electricity losses in power grids.

Transfer of load of 220 kV SS Gorny Gigant to 220 kV SS Yermensay through 110 kV grids with subsequent dismantling of SS Gorny Gigant

The project is implemented to improve the reliability of electricity supply to consumers.

“Samruk-Energy” JSC | Integrated annual report
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