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Human rights

Orazbek Bekbas

​Ombudsman of “Samruk-Energy” JSC

Undoubtedly, our primary task is to conduct business in lawful manner, in accordance with current laws and regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and internal documents of the Company.

In order to comply with the principles of business ethics and effectively settle social and labor disputes arising in the Company, on October 15, 2015, the Board of Directors of the Company (Minutes No. 06/15) elected and appointed me as an Ombudsman of the Company.

The Ombudsman’s position provides for a fairly wide scope of activities. First of all, I am ready as a professional “assistant” who has a great life experience, who has worked for several decades in public administration, to consider request of any person and provide a reply to it, to clarify the circumstances of violation of the rights of the person who applied. I guarantee that all requests will be considered by me fairly, impartially, in a confidential manner and within deadlines established by legislation.

I sent full information about activities of the Ombudsman including feedback data to all employees and officials of the Company via internal corporate network (Microsoft Outlook, Intranet portal) in order to widely publicize the start of work of the newly elected Ombudsman. For the convenience of employees and officials of the Company’s group, the grievance mechanism and information on the Ombudsman are posted on the Company’s corporate website http://www.samruk-energy.kz/ru/korporativnoe-upravlenie/ombudsman.

In order to prevent any doubts about the correctness of actions, I handed out Memos to the Code on the theme “How to act when there are doubts about business ethics?” in the form of a desktop manual in the state and Russian languages to all the Company employees.

The result of my activities is various verbal requests from employees addressed to me, to which they received comprehensive replies. All requests and responses to them have no negative impact on the social stability of the Company as a whole. The register of incoming requests and replies to them was created in order to keep records. There is a separate office to ensure the privacy of its visitors. There were no recorded cases of addressing the Ombudsman regarding discrimination on racial, religious, national, sexual, age, political or other grounds. The Company recognizes the principle of equality of rights and opportunities. Also, employees have the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining within the framework of existing legislation.

As an Ombudsman I took part in various committees of the Company, including in the composition of assessment, disciplinary and competitive committee. In the course of the committee’s work, following the results of 2016, there were no violations and non-compliance with provisions of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and internal regulatory documents of the Company, either by the officials of the Company or by employees.

In 2016, the Company registered 78 requests, of which 75 were settled during the reporting period, 3 requests are under consideration.

The above results confirm the important public role of the human rights institution of the Ombudsman in the Company. They demonstrate the strengthened comprehensive work of the Company’s group aimed at protecting human rights. This, of course, is perceived both in the Company and outside it as a component of implementation of the Company’s social policy as a guarantor of observance of rights and freedoms of employees of the Company’s group.

I responsibly declare that for me the post of Ombudsman is first and foremost a great responsibility. I understand that I must justify the trust placed in me. It is my duty and primary responsibility to help everyone who needs help, support and advice. If the result of my work is overall maintenance and improvement of the business climate in the Company, this will be the main evaluation of my work.

I await your applications in any form convenient for you, always ready for dialogue and search for optimal solutions.

Each person is unique and brings value irrespective of gender, race, nationality, social and official position, and attitude to religion and political belief.

The Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan establishes human rights to life, liberty, inviolability of dignity, freedom of speech and conscience, freedom of association, etc.

During 2016 Samruk-Energy Group strictly complied with the requirements prohibiting the employment of persons under 18 in jobs involving harmful and (or) dangerous working conditions, as well as prevented any type of discrimination against employees and business partners.

In 2011, the Company entered into the UN Global Compact and today supports the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, moreover, approved the Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, whose goal is to systematize, improve and implement social programs.

Thus, the Company supports and respects freedom of association of employees, as well as their right to collective bargaining. In addition, the Company recognizes the right of employees to elect their representatives, while ensuring that employee representatives are not discriminated against.

There are 17 trade union organizations in the Company’s group, of which 87 % are employees of the Company’s group. Trade union organizations ensure the protection of employees’ labor and social rights through effective cooperation and direct dialogue with the employer.

Moreover, the entities of the Company’s Group are committed to preventing any form of discrimination, bearing in mind that every employee has equal opportunities to exercise his labor rights without forced and child labor.

In accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Company exercises social rights, freedoms and duties of women, expressed in providing equal opportunities with men.

During 2016 Samruk-Energy Group prevented any type of discrimination against employees, business partners and violation of rights of minorities and indigenous people.

As of December 31, 2016 in order to create a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities in the group of companies, “Samruk-Energy” JSC employed 164 workers with disabilities.

The Institute of Mediators continues its activity in the Company’s group, some of which received the status of professional mediators of the CF “Social Partnership Center”. Mediators take actions to protect the rights of employees, and also consider complaints of citizens and facilitate the resolution of labor disputes.

Along with trade union organizations, as part of regulation of social and labor relations, the Company’s group established standing committees for settlement of social and labor disputes.

To register internal complaints of employees, hotlines, special boxes for complaints and inquiries, personal blogs of heads of organizations have been created and operate in “Samruk-Energy” JSC group of companies.

Also, hotline telephone +7 (7172) 69–23–56 and e-mail trust@samruk-energy.kz successfully operate to receive written appeals on facts of unlawful actions of officials and other employees of the Company. The register of incoming requests and replies to them was created in order to keep records. There is a separate office to ensure the privacy of its visitors.

In 2016, the Anti-fraud and Corruption Policy of “Samruk-Energy” JSC was updated, with which 100 % of the Company’s group employees were acquainted. Every year, the Company’s employees are tested for knowledge of the Policy, Code of Business Conduct. The Code is a management tool for development and effective interaction with stakeholders on the basis of compliance with ethical norms and norms of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The Policy on notification of alleged violations was approved by the decision of the Board of Directors of the Company dated August 28, 2014. According to the Policy, the IAS conducts review, monitoring and control over consideration of inquires sent to the Company’s confidential mailbox.

Also, on the recommendation of the IAS, confidential mailbox was created across all the Company’s group in order to notify about alleged violations.

Negative publications on fraudulent and corrupt practices with respect to officials and employees of “Samruk-Energy” JSC group of companies are monitored in the media on a regular basis.

Number of complaints about the practice of labor relations filed, processed and settled through formal grievance mechanisms

No. Indicator value
1. The total number of complaints about the practice of labor relations filed through formal grievance mechanisms during 2016, among them 78
1.1. Processed during the reporting period 78
1.2. Settled during the reporting period 75
2. Indicate the total number of complaints about the practice of labor relations filed before the beginning of the reporting period and settled during the reporting period 3

Presentation of health and safety issues in formal agreements with trade unions

No. Indicator value
1. Do official agreements (global or local) with trade unions address health and safety issues Yes
2. If yes, information on the extent to which health and safety issues are covered by local agreements signed by an organization. Local level agreements usually address issues such as:
2.1. Individual protection means Yes
2.2. Joint health and safety committees with participation of representatives of management and employees Yes
2.3. Participation of employees’ representatives in health and safety inspections, audits and accident investigations Yes
2.4. Education and training Yes
2.5. Grievance mechanism Yes
2.6. The right to refuse dangerous work Yes
2.7. Periodical inspections Yes
3. If yes, information on the extent to which health and safety issues are covered by local agreements signed by an organization. Local level agreements usually address issues such as: Yes
3.1. Compliance with recommendations of the International Labor Organization (ILO) Yes
3.2. Actions or mechanisms for solving issues Yes
3.3. Commitments to target performance standards or the level of applied practical approaches Yes
“Samruk-Energy” JSC | Integrated annual report
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