“Samruk-Energy” JSC | Integrated annual report

Interaction with stakeholders

To demonstrate its commitment to the principles of corporate social responsibility, the Company joined the UN Global Compact on October 5, 2011 and today supports the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact.

The Company has provided a Communication on the progress achieved since 2012, which is a statement about the continued support of the UN Global Compact principles and describes activities aimed at implementing the principles and their results.

Within the scope of its business, the Company is a member in the following national and international organizations/associations:

The CIS Electric Power Council (hereinafter – CIS EPC). Participation as an observer since 2012. The Executive Committee is a permanent interstate coordinating body of the CIS Electric Power Council. Membership in the CIS EPC allows participating in the processes of integration of the CIS member states’ energy systems, including ensuring collective energy security; Provision of parallel operation of power systems; Creation of a common electric power market, involvement in preparation of international agreements in power sector; Technical regulations, unification and harmonization of laws and regulations in power industry, etc. The company can participate in public meetings, meetings of working groups, seminars conducted by the CIS EPC.

Kazakhstan Electricity Association (hereinafter – KEA). Membership since 2007. Membership in KEA allows exchanging information and participation in development of a regulatory legal framework in power sector, as well as conferences, seminars, forums and other events held under the auspices of the KEA.

KAZENERGY Association (since 2008). Membership in KAZENERGY Association allows participating in government initiatives and activities aimed at improving the investment climate in the Republic of Kazakhstan, in developing and implementing measures to increase production and scientific and technical potential; as well as the Company may receive assistance in legal, economic, organizational and management matters. The Company provides substantial financing for a variety of events hosted by KAZENERGY Association, including forums, the publication of national reports on the prospects for the development of the fuel and energy sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

World Energy Council (hereinafter – WEC). Membership since 2008. Satkaliyev A.M., “Samruk-Energy” JSC Chairman of the Board, is the Chairman of Kazakhstan National Committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan under WEC. Membership in WEC represents a program for a limited number of the world’s leading energy companies interested in working with WEC on projects and issues of a global and regional nature. The WEC program allows Samruk-Energy to participate in exclusive events and round tables that promote the development of cooperation with international organizations.

Coordination  Electric Power Council of Central Asia (hereinafter – CEPC CA). Participation as an observer since 2014. Membership in CEPC CA contributes to strengthening business ties between the countries of Central Asia, provides an opportunity to participate in activities in power industry held by CEPC CA.

The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Republic of Kazakhstan (hereinafter referred to as the RK NCE). Membership from 2013. Membership in the RK NCE helps to strengthen ties with business environment, effective development of electricity business, including as part of improvement of RK regulatory framework.

Stakeholder engagement is an essential component in the Company’s development towards sustainable development, which involves taking into account the views of stakeholders in the conduct of its operations with a view to manage risks in advance.

Also, it must be remembered that we are part of this world and any consequences of our actions and decisions are not limited to the perimeter of our Company. They, directly or indirectly, influence others. All this encourages us to join forces and provide those who are influenced by the Company’s operations with an opportunity to be heard.

The basis of interaction with stakeholders is the identification of stakeholders that have a significant impact on the Company and the degree of stakeholders’ dependence from the Company.

In accordance with best practices (the AA1000, GRI series standards), the principle of “involvement” is used in the area stakeholders engagement in order to build effective interaction. This principle takes into interests of all stakeholders at all stages of the Company’s management. The principle of “involvement” is based on three main principles of interaction: “materiality” (correct assessment of importance of issues for stakeholders and organizations), “completeness” (understanding the materiality of the consequences of the company’s operations) and “response” (demonstration of an appropriate response). Only adherence to each principle guarantees comprehensive, mutually beneficial and effective interaction with stakeholders.

To date, the main stakeholders of the Company are the local population, employees, shareholders and suppliers.

The company permanently interacts with its stakeholders in order to obtain feedback and take into account their opinions when formulating topics that are particularly important for them. Consolidated list of topics significant both for the Company and stakeholders forms a materiality matrix.

The results obtained by the Company from interaction with stakeholders are the foundation of an effective and precise policy in the field of sustainable development, in the framework of which the Company strives to widely apply the aspects of sustainable development through the introduction of best practices in production, environmental initiatives, safety and social areas to ensure economic growth in the areas where the Company operates, while maintaining an optimal balance between the interests of stakeholders and strategic objectives of the Company.

An action plan for implementation of sustainable development goals based on significant topics for both the Company and our stakeholders was developed; at present the plan fully meets the requirements of our stakeholders and includes a list of performance indicators in compliance with G4 Sustainability Reporting Guidelines.

“Samruk-Energy” JSC | Integrated annual report
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